Happy Paul: In The Press


You know you’re doing something right as a brand when you scoop a beauty award in your very first year – which is exactly what London-based Happy Paul Did in 2021 with their Bright Spice 100 per cent Perfume Oil, which won ‘Best New Wellness Product’ in the Pure Beauty Awards. Capitalising on the current trend for mood-enhancing fragrances and with a commitment to mental health, their pocket-sized roll on oil features an uplifting blend of herbs, spices and citrus notes, along with warm, grounding woods and vetiver.


"Happy Paul's journey has been like therapy," says Gerrard [founder]. "I've suffered from depression since my early teens and I've experienced first-hand the transformative power that formulations, product and spa treatments can have. Yet wellness has become a luxury commodity afforded to the few." The brand was created, he says, to be accessible to all. "To me, wellness is about looking after yourself, first and foremost, and that shouldn't be exclusive." Happy Paul's sustainable, vegan products – including an uplifting roll-on blend of bergamot, lemon and eucalyptus – encourage simple, rewarding acts of selfcare, with some of the profits going to mental-health charity Young Minds."

"Happiness in a bottle"

- Service95


"When I first tried Happy Paul Face Moisturiser, I was immediately struck by its texture. It’s on the thicker side, which I find perfect for providing deep hydration without feeling greasy. The smooth effect upon application is instantaneous, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. But what really makes this moisturiser special? Let’s delve into its ingredients and benefits."