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The Pencil Smile - 100% of profits go to

The Pencil Smile - 100% of profits go to

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The purpose of this product is to force a smile in times of difficulty.

Even a fake smile may have a positive impact.

Directions: place the pencil between your teeth, towards the back, keeping lips parted.

Benefits of a smile [even a fake one]: releases endorphins [the happy hormone] > makes our brain believe we're happy > elevates mood > helps relieve stress > helps boost our immune system > may lower blood pressure > smiling is infectious > perfect for meetings or parties > enjoy.

100% of profits from this product goes to YoungMinds. Thank you.

It's really just a donation to the charity but we'd like to give you this little thank you for your kindness. 

Note: pencil copy may differ slightly from the image.

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